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Morethana Farm Biochar Blend (1lb. bag)


Biochar is a durable, high surface area charcoal, created as a by-product of biomass energy production. Charcoal has been used by farmers in many cultures and for thousands of years to build healthy and productive soils. Our biochar is created from dry organic waste materials at Morethana Farm, located in Woodenville WA. We blend chars made from Canary Reed Grass and wood scrap, which have been carbonized in clean-burning micro-gasification kilns. This unique process results in a high surface area biochar product, which possesses many of the characteristics of activated charcoal.

Used "as is" this biochar will decrease nutrient leaching and increase the water handling capacity of the soil in your garden or containers. Soaked with liquid fertilizer, compost tea or effective micro-organism solution, biochar can increase the productivity and disease resistance of your plants, while storing carbon in your soil.

$ 10.00